Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Arribatia Rugby League Vs GB poineers

The second game on 25June  in stadium Mers El khier,at 5.00oclock with  Arribatia RL , and that last one is a team of news players loving RL so much , they are training hard to face GB in there game , they are waiting this game from along time ago , so im sure they will be that stronge team in the field .
Mr.Rachid Ouardi (president of the team ) : iam so happy to have them in Morocco and exactly in Rabat to give us more informations and to face my players , it's a pleasure for arribatia to phenomenon a festival of RL because we need RL in Morocco a,nd we are working from our busnis to devlope RL and make it that game we want , best luck to the both of teams 
by : Souhail ait alla

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